Somewhere West the movie...

Somewhere West the movie...

After convincing Ryan (Judson Webb) to leave, Ian (Barrett Ogden) must ask for Ryan's help to continue his journey, due to his failing eyesight.

Melissa helps Ian “see”

Melissa (Jennifer Summers) describes the breathtaking views of Mammoth Hotsprings in Yellowstone National Park to Ian (Barrett Ogden) who has recently lost his eyesight.

The Dinner Scene

Ian (Barrett Ogden) is helped by Ryan (Judson Webb) to prepare for dinner with the two beautiful women they have been traveling with, Melissa (Jennifer Summers) and Cheryl (Hallie Schwartz).

Melissa (Jennifer Summers) argues with Ryan (Judson Webb) about what to do with Ian, who's health has taken a drastic turn for the worse. Cheryl (Hallie Schwartz) comforts Melissa while convincing her to leave.